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Vertical Blinds

We only use a heavy duty width body wheeled truck equal spacing system as standard on our entire vertical blinds this system carries more fabric weight allows us to make the track up to 5m wide.

We also mix the links across the track to create equal spacing so you don’t end up with one vane over lapping more then the other, comes with a Chain Control (standard) Safety Rod control (optional).

Option to have matching pelmets with chosen fabric to cover the entire track to dress your window as how you like it!

This is still one of the best blinds ever designed; the vertical blind has so much to offer. Not only can it provide heat reflection, privacy, glare reduction, and dim-out effects, but it looks fantastic too, with 1000’s of new and exciting fabrics to choose from. Gone are the days when vertical blind fabrics where aimed just at the office environment. There are entire collections now devoted to vertical blinds for the home.

All blinds have louvers that turn a full 180 degrees, offering total privacy if required (at night time), or partial privacy during the day. All louvers can be draw back to one side to open the window space completely.


Matching Pelmet Chrome Ends

Fabric Hold Back Bracket

  • Angle the louvres for daytime privacy and light transmission
  • Close the louvres completely for night time privacy.
  • Draw the blinds back to one (or both sides), to open the window space.
  • Vertical blinds provide excellent privacy to sensitive rooms such as bedrooms and lounge areas.
  • Fabrics can be chosen to achieve a specific objective, such as:
    • Allowing light to penetrate whilst giving privacy
    • Dimming-out a bedroom from early morning light
    • Deflecting heat and glare from sunny rooms and conservatories
    • Providing a ’net‘ effect during the day (allowing you to see out, but people can’t see in) Note: this type of fabric will not provide privacy at night time when the lights are on.)
  • Extremely cost effective when compared to other window coverings.
  • Excellent for large windows. The mechanisms of this blind can cope with widths of 5mts!
  • Easy to replace fabric. Once the louvres become undesirable, they can be removed from the tracking, and changed for another cloth.
  • This reduces the cost of the blind, but also eliminates the installation cost altogether.
  • Fabrics are available for both a classic look, and a modern look.
  • Available with curved and arched top tracks to suit almost any window.
  • Self-aligning runners ensure that louvres always angle in the same direction.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • White, brown or anodised silver tracking
  • 127mm wide or 89mm wide (recommended) louvres.
  • Left hand control
    • All louvres stack back to the left hand side, and the controls are also mounted on the left
  • Right hand control
    • All louvres stack back to the right hand side, and the controls are also mounted on the right
  • Split draw
    • Louvres will bi-part from the centre, and stack back to each side. Controls can be specified as either on the left or right hand side.
  • Reverse control
    • Louvres will stack to the opposite side to where the controls are positioned.
  • Top fix spring clips
    • This bracket takes one screw, and must be top fixed into the ceiling or window recess. It is virtually invisible, and has a quick release mechanism for simple removal of the tracking. It can be mounted with either a no.6 or no.8 screw.
  • Metal face fixing bracket
    • 100mm – This is the standard face fixing bracket. It can be wall mounted, and will project the blind forward enough to allow the louvres of either a 127mm or 89mm wide blind to rotate freely.
    • 115mm – This bracket is the same as the standard, but projects 15mm more, and is used mainly in situations where it is necessary to clear window handles (i.e.- in conservatories) to allow the louvres to rotate.
  • Shallow fix face fix bracket – Available in two sizes, this bracket will allow a fixing to a thin framework or area where there is limited space. It is not used very often, other than for special applications.
  • Minimum and maximum sizes
    • The minimum size for a vertical blinds is 100mm, however, it must be noted that at such a small size, there would only be one or two louvre strips.
    • The maximum size for a vertical blind is 5000mm wide. However, we don’t recommend that the blind is made any wider than 4000mm, because installation and maintenance becomes more difficult over this size.
  • Doors
    • Where vertical blinds are fitted to single doors which open outwards, it must be noted that when stacked, the blind will take up approx 200mm(8′) of width in the opening. Often in these situations, we can supply an extra piece of fabric for the customer to make a small tie-back to keep the louvres close to the wall when stacked.
      • Where vertical blinds are fitted to single doors that open inwards, the same applies; however, the door is likely to open onto the blind causing damage to the fabric. It is therefore recommended that the blind is made to fit outside the recess, so the fabric can stack back past the edge of the recess.
  • Unequal spacing of louvers on some windows
    • Depending on the width of the blind, it may be that the first louvre overlaps the second louvre slightly more than the rest of the louvres on the blind. This is not a fault, it is normal and should not cause concern.
  • Bedroom
  • Lounge
    • Can be made with curved tracking for bay windows. Perfect for French doors and sliding patio doors
  • Study
  • Conservatory
    • Excellent for privacy and light deflection
  • Kitchen
    • Also suitable in front of a sink window, but customers must remember that this type of blind will take up most of the window sill space.
  • Bathroom
    • Like the kitchen – the blind may take up most of the sill space
  • Dining Room
    • Perfect for French doors and sliding patio doors
  • Utility Room