Create a whole new living space for your home and garden

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We all want to spend a little more time in the garden, whether it is for enjoying a BBQ with our friends and families or just relaxing after a hard day at work with a glass of wine. The British weather ☹ Well, this is where the Awning come to your home is the answer.

What a Quality Awning from Highline Blinds will do for your home:

  • Create a sheltered outdoor patio area
  • Protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun every day
  • Provide added seclusion and privacy within your garden
  • Keep your house cooler on even the hot summer days when we get them!
  • Prevent carpets and furnishings from fading, whilst retaining the view
  • Stop the glare and keep you in shade from the sun
  • Allow you to entertain in style under shelter be the envy of your neighbours
  • Transform the appearance of your home and patio area
  • Large range of models to suit all tastes
  • Choice of over 170 acryltic satter fabric dsesigns
  • Manual, Electric of fully automatic operation to suit you budget

These Awnings are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards and to your exact requirements. For extra re-assurance and peace of mind your Awning comes with a 5-year manufacturer backed guarantee.

Resin & Stud used

Awnings exert a considerable amount of torque & pressure (370kg for a wind pressure of 70 newtons per square metre) on the fixings that hold the brackets to the wall. it is important to select the right fixings for the surface.

Most companies will use M10 Rawl bolts / sleeve bolts or even monti bolts for holding the brackets to the wall, these methods of fixing simply just grip onto the brick or block and with the vibrations that awnings create by the wind on the fixings and during opening / closure these fixings can work their way loose and come out of the wall.

The best way of fixing into any type of brick or block is by resin and stud (M10 x 100mm long). Resin seeps into the pores of the sleeve to the brick etc and becomes a part of the structure, therefore providing a permanent fix, reliable, solid fixing. this is the safest way to fix awnings to walls!

The sun is a source of life, its light promotes vitamin D formation in the body. But the sun can also be very harmful. Studies by the WHO (World Health Organisation) indicate a threefold increase in skin disease caused by harmful UV radiation.

All Awnings are covered in acrylic fabrics from Sattler in fabric innovation. All the designs within the collection have been certified in accordance with UV Standard 801.

The UV protection factor (sun protection factor) of Sattler acrylic fabrics indicates the extent to which they increase the natural protection time of human skin to direct sunlight. The natural protection time of human skin depends on skin type. All fabrics within the collection are UV rated either 40, 60 or 80 meaning a minimum of 200 minutes protection upto an outstanding 7,200 minutes!

The designed for use in sunny weather your patio awning must be robust enough to deal with summer breezes and sudden showers. It is important that care is taken with selection to avoid disappointment so please check the following:

  • Does this patio awning I’m buying reach an appropriate European Standard, in terms of quality and performance?
  • Does this fabric offered meet European Standards in terms of UV resistance?
  • Will the size provide me the adequate shade?
  • Does my wall need special fixings to fix the brackets?
  • Will I be able to operate maual awning easily or should it be motorised?
  • If Motorised then how will the patio awning be connected to electric?
  • If I am out in the day should my awning be automatically controlled to provide shade when I am not at home?
  • Ask the installer if they have any experience and where they have been trained.
  • Ask for information on previous work and of actual installations carried out by them.
  • Ask what types of fixings will be useing; different wall surfaces require different fixings.
  • Ask if special brackets are required and what these will look like with awning.
  • If manually operated do not force or over-wind the mechanism.
  • If electrically operated do not leave the remote switch where it may get wet.
  • Clean your awning of any leaves or loose dust off regularly.
  • If the awning is wet open it to dry at the earliest opportunity.
  • Do not leave the awning open if strong winds are expected.
  • Do not leave the awning open in heavy rain or in snow.
  • Keep insect sprays or other chemicals away from the fabric.
  • Never put fingers or any foreign objects in the way of the mechanism.
Sun when you want it – Shade & Shelter when you need it
Our patio awnings are constructed from polyester powdercoated, corrosion resistant, extruded aluminium frameworks and stainless steel components for durability and longevity. Galvanised steel fabric barrels with pvc coated support profiles do not warp or deflect ensuring the fabric always rolls correctly.

Heavy duty twin spring arms tensioned via tear resistant stainless steel cables keep the fabric taut at every position whilst full cassette casings protect the fabric and operating mechanism from all types of inclement weather when the awning is retracted.

Our patio awnings are available in an extensive range of fabrics which are created from 100% solution dyed acrylic fibres, woven using the strongest warp/weft construction ensuring they hold their shape and colour for the life of the awning. Choose from an array of vibrant, pastel and neutral colours.

All our fabrics feature a TEXgard easy clean coating which is water repellent and prevents dirt from clinging to the surface allowing rain water to easily wash it off. Protection is also offered against all environmental influences including mould, algae and fungae growth.

Integral radio controlled motors built within the fabric barrel function effortlessly via hand held or wall mounted transmitters for convenient operation. Optional sensors including light and wind allow our awnings to think for themselves, positioning automatically based on the ambient conditions. For smaller sized awning manual operation through a smooth gear box and detachable crank handle is available.

Optional accessories including under awning lighting and side screens allow our awnings to become an all year round solution that can be used come rain or shine, day or night.