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Pleated BLINDS

Select your assortment style of blind below: 

Intu Pleated Blinds

Conservatory Roof

Pleated Standard & Tensioned

Perfect Fit Pleated

We have come a long way  from having a normal standard Pleated blinds as now can be manufactured in so many different styles at it’s most basic, this style of blind is simply a squared sheet of fabric, attached to a Bar, and is restricted to being either raised or lowered, stopping at intermediate positions, you may want to choose your style range from Standard Pleated, Tensioned Pleated, Perfectfit Pleated, Intu Pleated. Pleated blinds add a special look to any window. Nowadays, we look for perfect clean lines in our decor, and soft colours to compliment our natural furnishings. Pleated blinds can be the perfect blind for so many rooms. No longer restricted to the conservatory, pleated blinds can look great just about anywhere.