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Cassette Roller Blinds are fitted into a one piece extruded aluminium cassette box which is neat and almost unnoticeable.

This provides blackout conditions for environments such as schools, offices and hospitals especially in the X Ray or Cinema rooms.

This cassette box is connected to two part adjustable aluminium side guides which fit to each side of the window Recess ensuring a perfect fit even when the window is not square.

Securing buttons fitted directly to the blind ensures the fabric remains within the side guides

This offer a wide range of fabrics for each system, including blackout, sunscreen and FR fabrics.

The Cassette Series is available in 3 size options (System 40, 55 and 90), which are ideal for both residential and commercial projects. This system caters for everything from small windows, door panels to larger windows applications.

  • System 40
    Perfect for smaller windows and door panels. The System 40 is a simple, robust and efficient cassette roller blind. Designed and constructed with a one piece extruded cassette. Operated by standard spring unit or bead chain. 
  • System 55
    Ideal for a wide variety of applications. A one piece extruded cassette box, which can be specified with a range of operating methods. These include bead chain, or manual gearbox. 
  • System 90
    The right roller blinds for larger windows. One piece extruded cassette offers exceptional strength across larger windows, or in awkward configurations. The methods of operation available are either manual gearbox or electric tubular motor.

Please call us for any further information on each cassette systems,

The quality of the mechanism is the critical component that will determine how long your blind lasts. That is why we always use heavy usage parts, which will not fail you.


Manual Gearbox Control

Chain Control

  • Cassette Roller blinds take very little space up inside a recess.
  • Cassette Roller blinds provide excellent privacy to sensitive rooms such as bedrooms and lounge areas.
  • Fabrics can be chosen to achieve a specific objective, such as:
    • Allowing light to penetrate whilst giving privacy
  • Fabrics are available for both a classic look, and a modern look.
  • Robust heavy usage mechanisms guarantee a long life for the blind.
    • Complete black-out a bedroom from early morning light if you do shift work and want to lie in and let the world go by.
  • Choice of fabric colour from dim-out to complete black-out.
  • Cassette roller  powder coated and finished in Black or White
  • up to a maximum size of 3000 wide by 3500 drop
  • fitted into a one piece extruded
  • Aluminium cassette box.
  • perfect fit even when the window is not fully square.

Securing buttons fitted directly to the blind ensures the fabric remains within the channels.

Sidewinder can be positioned to the left or right

  • The much larger blind will be fitted with a geared crankshaft control inside the cassette box.
  • Cassette roller blind brackets are available for to be top fixed,
  • Side or face fixed
  • Face fixing or top fixing is recommended.
  • Minimum and maximum sizes
    • The minimum size for this roller blind is 500mm width up to 2900mm for depending on system used.
    • For larger windows such as where system 90 is to be installed will have a geared crank shaft mechanism control.
  • Bedroom
    • Blackout fabrics will help provide 100% blackout.
  • Lounge
    • blinds are to be mounted above the recess, or if the customer understands that the blinds will have to be pulled up to get in and out of the doorway.
  • Study
  • Bathroom
    • If a blind is going to get damp, then a fabric that is coated for moisture resistance should be chosen. If the blind is going to get wet from shower or bath splashing, then a soft Pvc fabric should be chosen, such as those from the ‘easy wipe’ range.
  • Dining Room
  • Utility Room
  • Cinema/Projector Room
  • Xray Room

Cassette Black Out Roller Blinds