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Perfect For Every Room

Senses Mirage Roller Blind is the perfect window dressing for any room in your home.

Incorporating an aluminium fascia with choice of colours or Colour co-ordinated fabric wraps over the fascia of your choice come with different colour fascia and bottom bar ends to choose from.

This is an innovative new window blind that features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric.

Senses Roller blinds not only look great but are practical too, enabling you to soften excess daylight and reduce the glare entering your room.

Easy to use, a single control is used to slide the opaque and translucent woven stripes past each other.

The same operation is used to raise or lower the window blind to any height in the window with ease, in the same way the classic roller blind would.


Senses Mirage incorporates both the style of the Senses system with the flexibility of the Mirage fabric to offer enhanced light control.

Having with chain or no chains cords adds to its visual impact providing the safest possible window covering by battery operated remote control hand set. The unique nature of Mirage allows enhanced light control giving additional lighting options not available with a traditional roller blind. Your blind can be fully
open, fully closed or positioned anywhere in-between.

The Senses System combines the most desirable aesthetic features with innovative design.

The Senses Mirage system is available both as a chain operated blind, and as a stylish Powershade motorised blind. Both options combine the style of Senses with the elegance of the Mirage fabric, giving you a beautiful blind for your home. The chain operation lets you manually raise and lower your blind to your desired position. Use in conjunction with our range of Child Safety components for peace of mind.


Open Position

Closed position

    • A better fit with extendable end-caps.
  • Complete the luxurious look
  • Senses Mirage Roller blinds take very little space up inside a recess, and do not have to be lowered all the way to the sill to control the light, leaving a lot of usable space on the sill.
  • Senses Mirage Roller blinds provide excellent privacy to sensitive rooms such as bedrooms and lounge areas.
  • Fabrics can be chosen to achieve a specific objective, such as:
    • Allowing light to penetrate whilst giving privacy
    • Dimming-out a bedroom from early morning light
    • Fabrics are available for both a classic look, and a modern look.
    • Robust heavy usage mechanisms guarantee a long life for the blind.
  • Only available in Standard roll – this is the traditional method of rolling a roller blind, where the fabric falls from the back of the roller.
  • Reverse roll – is not an option on this blinds.
  • Facia end colours: Brush steel, Chrome, White and Black etc to match your accessories e.g. kitchen sink/Door handles.
  • A Sidewinder control allows millimetre precision in control, and allows blinds which are positioned next each other to be lined up perfectly.
  • Sidewinder can be positioned to the left or right.
  • The ultimate in safety features with motor option
  • Sidewinders can be fitted with either a chrome nickel-plated ball chain, plastic ball chain or match colour to the fascia/bottom bar ends.
  • Senses Mirage Roller blind brackets are available to be fixed either: top fixed or face fix. Face fixing or top fixing is recommended.
  • Standard – The standard top fixing brackets are good for most fittings unless the blind is fitted on the out side the recess.
  • Standard Metal top fixing brackets are fitted to the top and can not be seen hidden by the fascia.
  • Face fix Bracket are screwed to a window or a wall then clipped in to the both sides of the fascia of the blind.
  • Minimum and maximum sizes
    • The minimum size for a roller blind is 200mm for a sidewinder-operated blind  It must be pointed out however, that a blind of 200mm wide cannot be expected to operate normally, since it has no weight. Roller blinds will operate normally from approx 400mm wide for a smooth finish flexible fabric. Stiffer and thicker fabrics make the rolling of the blind a little more difficult to achieve smoothly.
  • Bedroom
    • These are not blackout fabrics it will help with priavcy in the room.
  • Lounge
    • Not recommended for sliding patio doors, unless the blinds are to be mounted in the recess, or if the customer understands that the blinds will have to be pulled up to get in and out of the doorway.
  • Study
  • Conservatory
    • Not recommended for conservatories as it can’t be reverse rolled.
    • Other options perfectfit roller or Intu roller, Vertical etc.
  • Kitchen
    • Best fitted close to the window, leaving as much of the sill space as useable as possible.
  • Bathroom
    • If a blind is going to get damp, then a fabric that is coated for moisture resistance should be chosen (This fabric is very hard to Clean).
  • Utility Room

Mirage Roller Blinds