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Roman Blinds

A roman blind is actually more of a curtain, because it is made from soft, un-stiffened materials. All roman blinds are lined with another soft cloth to give depth and weight to the product.

It is operated by a pull cord or side winder chain control, which unlike conventional roman blinds, is ‘locked-off’ by an integrated Venetian blind cord locking mechanism (cord control).

Our Roman blinds can be drawn up or down, and can be locked-off at any intermediate position.

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Blind with optional finishes

Roman Blind On Chain Control

  • Blinds give total privacy when fitted to standard recessed windows.
  • Excellent glare reduction is achieved just by using the standard white or cream lining.
  • 80% blackout effect can be achieved by using the blackout lining.(Extra optional)
  • Gives a soft curtain feel, but has the sleek operation mechanisms of a venetian blind, which eliminates the need for ‘tie-off cleats’ or chain like roller blind control.
  • All fabrics can be dry cleaned.
  • Fabrics are fixed to the Headrail by Velcro, and are easily removed for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Standard lining – An white or cream colour standard lining will be used unless otherwise specified.
  • Blackout Lining – A blackout lining is opaque and won’t let any light through the fabric.
  • Continent Headrail – A heavy duty Headrail that allows the blind to be made bigger.
  • Vantage Headrail – A heavy duty Headrail which incorporates a side chain for the raising/lowering of the blind. Note: this Headrail will create a gap of approx 10mm on the control side of the blind, since the control cannot be covered with fabric.
  • Blinds can be made from customer’s own fabrics and linings.
  • The pull cord can be mounted to the right or left, and must be specified on order, since it cannot be changed after manufacture.
  • We cannot guarantee that the side hem of a roman blind will always be perfectly straight, since it is made from a soft cloth. Therefore, customers should be aware that when two blinds are fitted next to each other, a bowing effect might be apparent in the sides of the blind.
  • The height of two blinds made to the same size may not necessarily sit at exactly the same level as each other, because they are made from soft cloth. Some adjustment in the height is possible by removing the fabric from the Headrail, and re-positioning it on the Velcro fixing of the Headrail.
  • A roman blind is actually more of a curtain than a blind, and will act accordingly. Fabric may stretch and change shape over long periods of being left in the same position.
  • The wider the blind is, the more cords are needed to raise/lower the blind. This can make the operation of larger blinds more difficult to level off. The blind may require some ‘dressing’ to make the blind hang to the required look.
  • Bedroom – A standard lining is good enough for a dim out effect; alternatively, a blackout lining doesn’t allow any light through the blind. Please note: A 100% total blackout cannot be achieved since there will be light passing in around the edge of the blind/recess. Also, there will be light gaps between blinds on bay windows.
  • Lounge
  • Study
  • Conservatory – Usually fitted to the Pvc frame of the conservatory. It is expected that the fabric may slightly touch the opening window handles when raising/lowering the blind.
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom – Not suitable where the blind is expected to get wet, or for excessively steamy rooms where there is no extractor fan.
  • Dining Room
  • Blackout Linings
  • Plain Fabrics
  • Patterned Fabrics
  • Dry Cleanable
  • Natural Weaves
  • Modern Textures
  • Faux Suede