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Duette® Blinds

These are manufactured from a double pleated honeycomb fabrics, has great energy saving properties, keeping your room warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. They are available in 3 different pleat sizes: 25mm, 32mm and 64mm. The hardware head rail and bottom rail colours come in White, Black, Magnolia, Anthracite, Bronze and Light grey.


Duotone Fabrics: Have a white fabric on the back for consistent outside appearance and reflection.

Fulltone Fabrics: Have the same colour throughout the fabric back and the front or the blind.

Duette® Fixé Shades: Regular pleat on the front and flat look at the back when the blind is pulled down to closed position. 

Day & Night: Two contrasting fabrics attached together on the same blind with endless possibilities e.g. black out at the top for darkness when pulled all the way down and see through sheer fabric for the day time to keep the glare out for privacy.

Top Up Bottom Down: Multizone flexibility to be able to pull the blinds up, or down, or anywhere in between the window height.

SmartCord® and LiteRise® Videos

SmartCord® is a revolutionary and patented cord lifting system. It features a retractable pull cord that maintains a constant length no more dangling long cords just pull in pump action down wards to raise and pull to the side to lower the blinds is for effortless and child friendly system to be used.

LiteRise® operating system is completely cordless with no tension cords to be seen on the sides all built with in a blind and easy to operate via the bottom rail push up to raise and pull on a handle to be pulled down to the  position it at any height you like.