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Perfect For Every Room

A Senses Roller Blind is the perfect window dressing for any room in your home and is available in a wide range of plain, patterned and textured fabrics as well as more specialised fabrics such as blockout, solar reflective and fire retardant.

Incorporating an aluminium or PVC fascia with co-ordinated fabric wraps or inserts, you can choose from over 300 fabrics to achieve a sensational look in the most stylish, safe and practical.

One Touch Operation!

Senses ‘Slow-Rise’ is not only the most sophisticated and beautiful of the range but also has that usability WOW! factor with adjustable ‘rise’ speed and ‘stop’ variants giving you a unique one touch operation.

Having no chains or cords adds to its visual impact providing the safest possible window covering. Senses ‘Slow-Rise’ mimics beautifully the features of a remote control blind – without all the gadgetry. You can set all the blinds in your home to rise and stop at the same level every time in just one touch and even control the speed in which the blinds open and close. 

Safety & Style

Senses ‘Slow-Rise’ has been designed to fully address concerns over safety. Young children can be in danger of strangulation from the loops of pull, chain and bead cords. The Senses ‘Slow-Rise’, which is completely cord and chain free, has been developed in the UK by our exceptional team of designers and tackles this worrying problem head on. We also have an extensive range of safety components suitable for use with standard Senses chain operated systems including a Chain Pulley which secures chain in place, Chain Connector Break-Away which will detach if excessive pressure is put onto Senses Roller design at its heart, the Senses Roller Blind System will impress, inspire and make luxury a truly attainable everyday asset.

Senses Roller blinds take up very little space inside windows, and can be rolled up to a very small unnoticeable size. Senses Roller blinds are usually finished in straight at the bottom with matching end cap with the top facia ends. The quality of the mechanism is the critical component that will determine how long your blind lasts. That is why we always use heavy usage parts, which will not fail you.


Fascia Chrome Ends

Matching Bottom Bar

    • A better fit with extendable end-caps.
  • Complete the luxurious look
  • Roller blinds take very little space up inside a recess, and do not have to be lowered all the way to the sill, leaving a lot of useable space on the sill.
  • Roller blinds provide excellent privacy to sensitive rooms such as bedrooms and lounge areas.
  • Fabrics can be chosen to achieve a specific objective, such as:
    • Allowing light to penetrate whilst giving privacy
    • Dimming-out a bedroom from early morning light
    • Fabrics are available for both a classic look, and a modern look.
    • Robust heavy usage mechanisms guarantee a long life for the blind.
  • Only available in Standard roll – this is the traditional method of rolling a roller blind, where the fabric falls from the back of the roller.
  • Reverse roll – is not an option on this blinds.
  • Facia end colours: Brush steel, Chrome, White and Black to match your accessories e.g. kitchen sink/Door handles.
  • A Sidewinder control allows millimetre precision in control, and allows blinds which are positioned next each other to be lined up perfectly.
  • We use stoppers on the chain to set the height and bottom drops so you can’t over roll when pulling the wrong end of the chain.
    • Sidewinder can be positioned to the left or right
  • ONE TOUCH OPERATION on spring option
  • Adjustable ‘rise’ speed allows you ultimate control for sleek, one touch operation.
    • Set blind to ‘rise’ and ‘stop’ at your preferred height and speed on spring option
    • The ultimate in safety features with spring option
    • Sidewinders can be fitted with either a chrome nickel-plated ball chain, or a plastic ball chain.
  • A sidewinder operated blind can have a e.g. wooden pull toggle for decoration if required, however, the customer must not pull the blind from the toggle, as it may damage the sidewinder mechanism.
  • Senses roller blind brackets are available to be fixed either: top fixed or face fix. Face fixing or top fixing is recommended.
  • Standard – The standard top fixing brackets are good for most fittings unless the blind is fitted on the out side the recess.
  • Standard Metal top fixing brackets are fitted to the top and can not be seen hidden by the facia.
  • Face fix Bracket are screwed to a window or a wall then clipped in to the both sides of the facia of the blind.
  • Minimum and maximum sizes
    • The minimum size for a roller blind is 200mm for a sidewinder-operated blind  It must be pointed out however, that a blind of 200mm wide cannot be expected to operate normally, since it has no weight. Roller blinds will operate normally from approx 400mm wide for a smooth finish flexible fabric. Stiffer and thicker fabrics make the rolling of the blind a little more difficult to achieve smoothly.
    • The minimum width for a Senses roller blind with a spring mechanism is 500mm approx.
  • Bedroom
    • Blackout fabrics will help provide an 80% blackout effect if there are no other curtains in the windows.
  • Lounge
    • Not recommended for sliding patio doors, unless the blinds are to be mounted above the recess, or if the customer understands that the blinds will have to be pulled up to get in and out of the doorway.
  • Study
  • Conservatory
    • Not recommended for conservatories as it can’t be reverse rolled.
    • Other options perfectfit roller or Intu roller
  • Kitchen
    • Best fitted close to the window, leaving as much of the sill space as useable as possible.
  • Bathroom
    • If a blind is going to get damp, then a fabric that is coated for moisture resistance should be chosen.
    • If the blind is going to get wet from shower or bath splashing, then a soft Pvc fabric should be chosen, such as those from the ‘easy wipe’ range.
  • Dining Room
  • Utility Room

Senses Roller Blinds