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Pleated blinds add a special look to any window. Nowadays, we look for perfect clean lines in our decor, and soft colours to compliment our natural furnishings. Pleated blinds can be the perfect blind for so many rooms. No longer restricted to the conservatory, pleated blinds can look great just about anywhere.

They offer maximum protection for the sun’s harmful rays, and take up very little space in the roof area and the fabric will help to reduce heat build up in summer and retain heat in winter, in turn
keeping your cooling and heating bills to a minimum! To further maximise the superb insulating idea too, you can choose our energy efficient fabrics and save yourself up to 15% on your annual fuel bills.


Tensioned Blind

Standard Free Hang Blind

  • Small and tidy. Pleated blinds take virtually no space on the window or sill.
  • When pulled up, the stacking height is extremely small.
  • Options available for free hanging style blinds, or tensioned blinds which are fixed to the window bead. PERFECT FIT is a new and exciting product, which is now available to sink the blinds into the recess of the window beading.
  • Fabrics are available to match conservatory roof blinds.
  • Easy to keep clean, a gentle vacuum with the brush attachment will keep blinds looking fresh.
  • Available with special treated fabrics for heat and glare reflection.
  • Great looking blinds, which compliment our natural decor.
  • Freehanging Blind
    • A freehanging pleated blind operates much like a roller or roman blind. You pull the cord, and the blind rises. If you release the cord, it lowers, and locks off wherever you choose to stop it.
  • Tensioned Blind
    • A tensioned pleated blind doesn’t have a pull cord. It has a handle instead. The blind is usually fixed to the window beading, and is operated just by moving the blind to the desired position. The blind will stop wherever you leave it, because it has a special cording system built in, which uses friction to keep it in place. can be fitted into between the beading like perfet fit but with out a frame
  • Left hand control – freehanging blind only
    • The pull cord will be on the left
  • Right hand control – freehanging blind only
    • The pull cord will be on the right
  • Handle Control – tensioned blinds only
    • The blind will have a handle by which to move the blind up and down
  • Face fixing brackets
    • Face fixing brackets are the standard brackets used for conservatory pleated blinds.
  • Top fixing brackets
    • Top fixing brackets are used when installing blinds into the window recess or into the beading.
  • Extended face fixing brackets
    • These brackets are used when a blind must be spaced over a window handle or similar obstruction.
  • The maximum recommended width for a freehanging blind is 1750mm
  • The maximum recommended width for a tensioned blind is 1500mm.
  • Drops can be made up to 3000mm, which will accomodate most windows.
  • Bedroom
    • Blackout fabrics will help provide an 80% blackout effect if there are no other curtains in the windows.
  • Lounge
  • Study
  • Conservatory
    • Ideal for reducing heat and glare
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Dining Room
  • Utility Room
  • Opaque (dimout)
  • Translucent (allows light to pass)
  • Plain Shades
  • Patterned Shades
  • Heat Reflective
    • -ESP®
    • -SPC®
  • Glare Reflective
  • Moisture Resitant
  • Winter Insulative
  • Polyester
  • Ultrafresh® Coated Fabrics

Pleated Free-hang & Tensioned