The Bahamas Fully cassetted awning

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Awnings – Bahamas

Top Fixing Bracket

Face Fixing Bracket

3 Fixing point Bracket

This Bahamas awning is built round a substantial extruded stronger aluminium back plate which offers for multiple brackets to fixing points to be positioned throughout therefore ensuring a best installation to any structure.

The flush fitting of a fully cassetted casing ensures the fabric and components inside are protected from all types of weather and insects when in closed position.

The Colours available to choose from are: White, Brown or Black
Width and Projection: Min 2.5m upto 13m Projection: Min 1.5m upto 3.75m
Control Type: Motor or Manual upto 5.5m width

Operation available:

Manual: Via a gearbox and Crank handle
Electric: via a handle held remote control or wireless wall switch

Sattler Fabrics Coating with Texgard

The key feature of this unique coating is the surface structure which is similar to the microstructure found on a lotus leaf. Closely arranged NANO chemistry carbon fluoride chains prevent dirt and water from clinging to the fabric surface. Loose dirt will still accumulate on the surface but when it rains (and you’re guaranteed that in the UK), the dirt is washed off, leaving a clean, dry fabric.

The coating also provides optimum defence against the common problem of algae growth as this requires water and dirt to thrive, the two factors which this coating eliminates.

All in all TEXgard gives you a material which:

  • keeps a clean visual appearance for longer resulting in reduced maintenance
  • is protected from all environmental influences including mould, algae, fungae and smog
  • has excellent dimensional stability keeping its shape for the life of the shading solution

1. Clean fabric

2. Fabric soiled with paprika powder

3. Water starts to absorb the dirt

4. Water runs off fabric taking dirt with it

All our Awnings come with quality Sattler fabrics as standard:

Quality in each fibre:

Our top-quality awning fabrics are made from 100% spun-dyed branded acrylic and guarantee for the best functionality.

Long-lasting pleasure guaranteed:

The special finish of the fabric prevents the permeation of water, humidity and dirt. For utmost comfort that you will enjoy for many years.

Saving energy naturally:

With an ideally positioned Sattler awning, it is possible to reduce the energy consumption of your air-condition by up to 80%.

Fabrics as a role model:

Responsibility is what counts. Certification according to the ISO standards 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 as well as the OEKO-TEX® seal are a must. All our products comply with the REACH requirements.

Skin protection guaranteed:

Sattler sun-protection fabrics are tested according to the UV standard 801, the strictest testing programme worldwide. Your skin protection guaranteed.