Odd Shaped Window Blinds


These are manufactured by hand with either 25mm aluminium or wood slatting in 25mm or 50mm. The slats tilt open from flat level and close downwards only, with the slats drawing up to where the headrail starts when possible. The headrail is aluminium and colour co-ordinate this as far as possible with the slat colour, or if the customer requests, contrasting with the same options on cord and ladderstring.

Curved vertical blind tracks:

Vertical blind tracks tailor-made for bay windows in either semi circular or splay bay shapes (i.e. a long centre straight window with two smaller side windows off at an angle). Various other shapes are possible,

Arched vertical blind tracks:

The fabric vanes open and shut only, as drawing is only possible when the arch is very shallow and comes within a six to one ratio of height to width. If there is no windowsill, drawing outwards, otherwise to the centre. Shapes can be Triangular, Rhombus, Arched, Circular, half moon, upside down triangles for example. They will raise where the shape permits, or fixed within a framework of headrail. Due to the shaping the slats tilt only from flat level to down shut.

Systems Available:

Slimline system: with hooked components, ribbed tracking available in white or brown. N.B. The brown does not bend as far as the white due to wall thickness being only 1.1mm instead of 1.3mm. Silver or anodised is not recommended, as with no paint finish inside, the components do not run smoothly.

NB. The components used in the above systems are fixed gear carriages instead of the self- aligning ones. This is due the nylon tilt rod being unable to cope with the clutch mechanisms. Remote control is for tilt only using the battery motor with a timer option.